Client Survey
“Our visit to your animal hospital was extremely pleasant. All of the staff were very helpful and courteous and we AND our dog felt VERY valued while we were there.”
-Tom & Annie Harlow

Client Survey
“Dr. Jennifer Miller is an expert in her field and we feel very confident in all of her decisions about our pets. She is also a caring and compassionate doctor and person. We also like the new doctor from Scotland He too is caring and compassionate.”

-Nancy Myers

Client Survey
“Everyone is kind, caring and wanting to help in any way possible. The staff goes above and beyond to care for my fur babies. The Woodworth team is part of my family.”

-Colin Banton

“I really love this practice. The front desk staff are friendly and helpful. The vets and the vet techs are really skilled and very supportive, always willing to answer questions and explain things. I love that they have a vet tech who has training as a dental specialist. Two of my cats needed extractions as well as cleaning and everything went perfectly. They did such a good job aftercare was a snap and both cats were back to normal in two days.”

-Angela Chouinard

“I can not speak highly enough about the staff and vets at Woodworth. I take all of my dogs (and my birds ) here, and it’s like visiting with friends. Fantastic service and care. Highly recommend.”
Krystal Jo

“Everyone at wood worth is wonderful. Just wanted to thank everyone for making Lincolns visits so pleasant. If you have a problem they are quick to get you in.”

-Tammy Shifflett-Prieto

“Wouldn’t trade them for a million dollars!!”
-Marlana Angell

“I am so impressed with these guys.

After years of incorrect diagnoses by multiple vets, the staff here diagnosed my dog with a neurological disorder and placed her on medication. It was such a comfort to me to know that my pet was finally getting the care she needed and that she spent her last year as well taken care of as she could possibly be.

They have been understanding of all our constraints (time, financial, etc.) and have worked with us to develop the best treatment options for our critters. The vets there are not just interested in profit; they often have told me to skip a more expensive treatment protocol, because the less expensive one was no less effective and there would be no impact on my animals’ well-being.

They are super flexible with appointments and have seen my critters on a moment’s notice.

They take the time and initiative to follow up via phone and, when we call to ask the vet a question, the vet themselves always calls back on the same business day.”
-Anna W.